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2017 TLX For Sale!

Hello everyone, I am looking to get out of my current lease of my 2017 TLX. I love this car, but having this car and my other one is too much for me now and also need to start saving money in general. This car is in great condition and is basically brand new! Has 4,500 miles currently and is only 2 and a half months old. The mileage is 12,000 a year. Car is fully loaded besides the awd version. Has navigation, blind alert, etc. The car is white on the outside and expresso interior. This is also the v6 not the 4 cylinder. The monthly payment is 440$ a month. All im looking for is for someone to take over. I don't need any money or any down payment. If any questions please contact me! My name is Sebastian Harris and willing to answer any questions.

Number is 9173187923. Thank you! Can text and call. Will be better to either text or call because not really on this.