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2016 TLX Navigation GPS Position Off FIXED

Rose Hill
United States
What I Drive
2016 TLX
My 2016 TLX would have the GPS Navigation showing me driving miles away in middle of a pasture, definitely not where I really was. I would reset the position and it would work for a while then go back to being off again. SO frustrating. I FIXED it today LOL, you know that owners manual thing that comes with the car. Quote "Check that the GPS antenna (located in the dashboard) is not blocked. For best reception, remove items from the dashboard, such as radar detectors, mobile phones, or loose articles. ●Metallic tinting or other aftermarket devices can interfere with the GPS". I had a Escort radar detector just left of center on my windshield. I removed it for testing and magically 8 satellites pop up. I have moved it to the center of the windshield and does seem to be affecting the GPS antenna any more.